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Spain Ranch Photography is the father and son team of Michael and John Spain. Together we bring a diverse approach to creating dramatic and fine art images by combining the strengths of two people with different perspectives to capture the moment. We provide a broad base of photographic expertise recording special images in the areas of wildlife, landscapes, environmental portraits, aviation, architecture, automotive, and much more.

Our artistic vision is to create images that make the eye linger … to produce photographs that you take with you in your mind's eye when you leave … and to make you want to come back to visit them again. Our images should produce the same feelings as your most comfortable chair, your favorite book, or the story you want to tell over and over. It should become part of your daily fabric and an anchor for memories and context. The right image brings an immediate sense of comfort, peace, and an internal smile.

We believe the only way to achieve our vision is to control the entire process from beginning to end. We have an obsession about thinking of the light first as great images must have great light. We strive to discipline ourselves to walk away from interesting subjects that have poor light … it just isn't worth the compromise. To help with our vision of capturing great subjects in great light, we use the finest photographic cameras and lenses available today. Our post processing is done using advanced computers and software to allow us to create stunning imagery. We also are committed to producing our own fine art prints using advanced printing technology and fine art paper.

We specialize in production of large fine art prints. While we make our images available for printing with outside labs, we are committed to producing our own large prints to a size and scale that create a unique experience. Our vision is to produce images that are fabulous in person … not to be seen only on a backlit screen. That is when images come to life and become part of your life.
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