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We produce images that we find interesting and you may peruse our galleries to see if you share our interests. However, our context may not be your context and we are also available to produce customized artwork that can provide a deep and special meaning to private clients. Below are a few of the types of work that we can provide that may be important to our clients.

Environmental Portraiture
While classic portraiture is always available, we also believe it is the gorgeous "life in the moment" images that carry a special meaning. We create opportunities to come to Spain Ranch to capture images that are not possible in the home or studio. This can be done as a focused location session or can be done in association with a family party event at the Ranch. Imagine children and grandparents enjoying one another around a bonfire, on a hayride, with buffalo and longhorns, or among the autumn foliage. These are powerful memories to capture.

Every home has a story...and we are committed to capturing that narrative. It may be an old home in the family for generations. It may be the completion of your dream home. It can even be a commitment to capture the entire process of building...from grass-covered land to the final form. We will listen to your story and then find the visual voice to make the images a reality.

Design Professionals
We understand the needs of the design professional. We are committed to providing multiple options to allow the d├ęcor design artist to complete their vision. We can work from thousands of images with post processing options to allow the designer's vision to come to any size needed. Or we can create a customized photographic artwork to the specifications of the design professional. And with rapid turnaround of a finished print in less than 48 hours if needed!

For the Person that Has Everything
Nobody has everything! But it can be extremely difficult to give the one you love a gift that is special. After all the sweaters, ties, jewelry, crystal, and gift cards have been done, why don't you consider something unique. We can produce large masterpiece work of anything that is important to a loved one. It might be stunning imagery of an airplane or classic car, a grand piano, or a collection of two or three things that carry a special meaning. We often ask people to bring us three things that carry special meanings to someone else. They often bring wedding rings, vases, family photos, musical instruments, medals, and such. We then bring all those together as a wonderful piece of art that will stay in the home for years to come.
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